Home Remedies for Child Bed Wetting

Home Remedies for Child Bed Wetting

Home remedies for child bed wetting. It’s important to drink enough fluids, so you don’t need to limit how much fluid your child consumes daily. However, in order to prevent thirst in the evening, make sure to drink fluids in the morning and at noon.

You can also use the following bed wetting tips

Keep the child at or below a specific weight throughout the day. A child weighing less than 10 pounds can’t be too heavy, but a child weighing 10 to 20 pounds might need to add extra calories.

Avoid beverages with extra sugars (like coffee, tea, etc.), so the child doesn’t develop an appetite during the night.

Eat a protein-rich meal right before bedtime to help stimulate the body. Some children do better eating before bedtime.

The following are some tips for managing bed wetting

If the child’s bed is wet, try to dry it away and dry the area with a cloth if needed.

If it’s a warm, humid day, make sure to wear a pair of loose shorts that are a half-inch or smaller.

Wear a diaper or put it down before starting to get up. Wearing diapers can be very frustrating. Make sure to use a clean, dry cloth or sponge if you are going to do it again.

Be smart about washing out diapers. Wash the area with cold, soapy water to remove soap residue. Rinse the diapers with warm water and dry them off quickly.

Check for any lice. If you see lice, wash your child with a washcloth and water, and let it air dry. If they become big, you can place a few flecks of cotton in their hair to prevent any future hair loss.

If your child continues to wet the bed, take the child to a pediatrician. They can take steps to prevent bed wetting, and help you monitor the child’s daily schedule.

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