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Peptides are chains of amino acids that can be linked together to form proteins. There are 3 main peptides that can aid your weight loss journey. Peptide therapy is a very effective method for weight loss.

The idea is that certain proteins stimulate the release of leptin. Once released, leptin can help control the amount of fat you store in your body. This is called a “neural control”. Peptides that stimulate leptin release are known as “proncheol” peptides, and they include “peptide YY”, “peptide U0157-37” and “peptide U0157-75”. The first two of these have shown to be the most effective in suppressing your leptin levels in men and women. The best example to look at is the product “Peptide YY (Lipolysis)”.

What are the Main Three Peptides?

What are the Main Three Peptides

Peptid YY

The first peptide is “peptide YY”, which you might be familiar with as “Lipolysis”. It has a molecular weight of 13 and can also be found in the muscle. This is great for athletes, but the body does not want that much fat to be stored, so it makes sense that lipolysis does not help you get rid of as much fat as the muscle does. The reason for this is called “weight-loss paradox”. Weight-loss paradox is the idea that you want to make a more efficient use of your body’s fat storage in order to lose body fat. The idea is that you cannot store your fat in the muscles if your fat will also stay there. Weight-loss paradox is often referred to as the “mysterious fat loss phenomenon”.

Second Peptide

It was originally developed to treat cancer patients. When it was used in cancer patients, it caused the patients to have more weight loss after surgery. The reason for this is because when the peptide is activated, it stimulates weight loss more quickly than when the same peptide is inactive. This is a lot of fat being stored in the lower belly area. You see, when it is activated, the liver can convert it to energy, which is then used for energy. Now the liver cannot store the converted energy, but when it is activated, the energy can be stored somewhere other than the liver.

This energy is stored as fat. You may have heard that the “peptide in your liver is responsible for all the fat you have on your body”. This is completely true. If the peptide is activated, it stimulates the fat to get stored somewhere other than the liver. It is also called “lipokine secretory activity”, and it is also one of the most important factors in regulating and preventing weight gain. This is why it is called the “main fat store” and “sarcopenic”.

Third Peptide

The idea behind this is that it is released when your brain senses that you are in danger of starvation, or you have a severe insulin deficiency. It can help you lose about 5 to 10 pounds in a short amount of time. This has been tested in a controlled way, and it seems that there is no need to be hyperventilating and it may work without the need for fasting, and with as few as 30 minutes of light exercise.

Possible Side Effects of the Use of Peptides

Possible Side Effects of the Use of Peptides

Since you have probably heard about the body’s reactions to starvation and insulin deficiency, I want to address some of the side effects of eating the Peptides. You may have heard that you should not eat the Peptides until you have gained enough fat to have enough energy for that night’s exercise. As a result, it is common to eat a lot of sugar and carbs in the first few hours after you lose weight, and you are usually tired and feel bloated afterwards. The good news is that there is a way to make these side effects go away.

Many people who lose weight are given a pill called “Aldosterone”. This is a peptide that contains an enzyme that is known to stimulate insulin secretion.

When you eat Peptide YY (Lipolysis) or Peptide U0157-37, the pancreas releases these insulin producing chemicals. When your liver uses this insulin, it will then release more Peptide YY (Lipolysis), or Peptide U0157-37. It may then be released again and the cycle starts all over again. These effects can be seen in yourself as well.

Sometimes you will see your eyes droop, your nose bleed, and your mouth feel like it is on fire. These symptoms are a sign of your body working hard to process the peptide, which means it is making insulin. As you will see in the examples below, these can go away once you eat some healthy foods and carbohydrates. The side effect of losing weight is not that bad.

What Are Peptides for Weight Loss?


Amlexanox works through a variety of methods. It can reduce inflammation by blocking the production of histamine and leukotrienes, but it can also alter the activation of genes involved in metabolism. It accomplishes this by boosting the rate at which cells burn fat via a messenger molecule known as CAMP and decreasing glucose levels by enhancing insulin sensitivity. One of the reasons many calorie restriction diets fail to produce weight reduction for some people is that the human body naturally seeks to acclimatize to the lower calories by slowing metabolism. Amlexanox counteracts this reaction by boosting energy expenditure and fat oxidation irrespective of calorie intake and activity.


This peptide acts as an inhibitor of noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin presynaptic reuptake. Blocking these neurotransmitters causes appetite reduction and, as a result, weight loss.


AOD9604 is a peptide fragment of the C-terminus of human growth hormone (HGH) that mimics HGH’s fat-burning function without the negative side effects.

According to a Melbourne-based biotechnology company’s 2005 investigation on 310 obese people, they obtained effective weight loss over the course of 12 weeks. According to animal research, this peptide is effective and safe for reducing body weight, improving fat oxidation, and lowering lipolysis in obese mice. AOD9604 has the potential to result in more weight loss in less time than diet and exercise alone.

This is one of the few peptides that has gotten FDA clearance in the United States as a dietary supplement with outcomes in 14 weeks or less.

Amino -1MQ

Despite the fact that this peptide is new to the market, it has already shown to be one of the most effective peptides for weight reduction.

This molecule has mostly been studied in the context of obesity, but it also functions on our mitochondria, resulting in improved energy production. The efficacy of 5-amino-1MQ to suppress adipogenesis, type II diabetes, and reverse diet-induced obesity is being investigated. When paired with NAD+ or a NAD+ precursor, 5-amino-1MQ performs best.


CJC 1295 is a GHRH (growth hormone-releasing hormone) analog that is very good in increasing growth hormone synthesis and IGF-1, which helps with fat loss, muscle growth, and sleep enhancement.

It is used in combination with Ipamorelin because of the synergistic advantages and increased GH release levels. These are produced spontaneously by the pituitary gland. Because your body stops producing the hormone as you get older, a supplement like Ipamorelin can naturally help refill those reduced levels.


This is an unique injectable that is administered once a week to those who are obese or have weight-related disorders including high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Clinical studies show that semaglutide is more successful than any other weight reduction medication on the market. More than half of the individuals dropped more than 16% of their body weight over the period of 66 weeks.

Semaglutide contains GLP-1, a hormone produced in the small intestine that promotes insulin synthesis while suppressing glucagon release, lowering blood sugar levels. By tailoring it to weight reduction, healthcare practitioners can make it one of the most effective peptides for weight loss. Furthermore, the FDA has authorized it as a novel weight loss medicine.

Most people in the weight loss industry use one of the following types of peptides


Propecia is a synthetic protein that is a complete solution of amino acids and peptides. The most popular Propecia product is the Propecia L-Ascorbate. It is typically used as a supplement, but can also be given by mouth.

Propecia Plus

Propecia Plus is a combination of two amino acids and is marketed as a supplement. Most people in the weight loss industry prefer Propecia Plus, but some doctors may find Propecia as a better option.


Glutamine is also available as a supplement. Glutamine is the main building block of our bodies that can help with muscle building.

Glutamine Plus

Glutamine Plus is a combination of two amino acids and is marketed as a supplement. Some doctors may use Glutamine as a more complete amino acid or even as a substitute for the amino acids. When it comes to Propecia, most people use it as a supplement but some people prefer a different version.

How is Glutamine Used?

Glutamine supplements are usually marketed as tablets. This means that most people will take the Glutamine capsule. One small dose will normally be all that is needed and it is helpful to swallow the capsules whole. One other benefit of this form of protein is that it can help improve the function of the kidneys. Although most people are taking Propecia, this does not always mean that these supplements will work as well for weight loss. Glutamine may actually work less well in some people than others.

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