Pull up Bar Exercises for Abs

Pull up Bar Exercises for Abs

The good news is that you can use a chin-up bar or power tower to overload your abdominal muscles. Lifting the legs is much more difficult than lifting the torso.

How do you do this exercise?

The “power tower” (or “double chin-up”) is designed for two people to have one chin-up bar on each shoulder. Make sure there are two hands at the bottom of the bar, so that the arms stay together when you take the bar up.

As you lift the bar (without dropping it) make sure to lift the head (from just below the neck) and the chin. The chin is not important as you’re only targeting the upper belly. Keep an upright posture.

The elbows are brought back slightly as you lift the bar. In most cases the elbows will not be extended in the middle or lower part of the lift and are just “bending” away from you. If you do this then you’re doing the chin incorrectly.

It’s important to keep the chin bent toward your chest. This will help ensure a more symmetrical chin-up at the end of the lift.

Once you’re properly performing this exercise you will feel a feeling of “pressure” coming from the back of the neck. It feels like your spine is in a straight line from shoulder to back and back again.

The pressure will go up the back and down the side of your head. The back of your head needs to feel tight and tight at the back and then straight in the front. If you’re not able to do this, then you’re doing the wrong exercise.

How long does it take to do this exercise?

You can do this exercise a few times a week for a couple weeks. If you can do it at one time, you can do it another time without taking extra breaks and going to the bathroom every 2 hours.

If your legs are not as strong as they should be, this exercise may not work as well, as it’s easy to miss one of the traps and they end up underdeveloped.

Don’t worry, you can do it again and again. It won’t be impossible to do.

How Do You Improve Your Chin-Up Performance?

There are a number of things you can do to get stronger. Most notably, this exercise will work your gluteals to help get your quads to grow and strengthen.

Once you have a strong quads, you can increase the length of your sets and get stronger more frequently.

You will want to work at a moderate to high intensity (5-10 reps) for 3-5 minutes, as it’s very hard to get stronger if you are doing too much in one session.

There are also some other things that will help as you work out your abs, like doing high reps of squats or deadlifts with a close-grip bar, or using weighted vests that will give you more resistance.

The Bottom Line

Forget about getting an impressive rack of machines at the gym. Instead focus on one or two small things that will make a big difference in your exercise progression.

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