Some Tips and Advice for Sleeping with a Cough

Some Tips and Advice for Sleeping with a Cough

How to sleep with a cough? Night cough can prevent your sleep. Drinking hot herbal teas to sleep with cough at night also soothes the throat. Honey coats the throat area, reducing irritation and helping to soothe a cough. Before going to bed, a hot shower helps to relieve cough by thinning the secretions in the nose. The honey also helps to make the mucus and blood thicker, helping to regulate the cough.

A cool compress helps you fall asleep. You can place a cold compress under your nose to help you fall asleep. Cold compress help reduce coughing and cold sneezing. A cold compress also helps to keep your cough free of mucus, thus making it easier to cough.

The following tips may also help with sleeping with a cough

Tips for Sleeping with a Cough


Exercise may improve your ability to breathe and may also help you sleep. One method is to perform a run for at least 30 minutes per day. This helps you to increase your oxygen and thus improve your ability to sleep with a cough. The other is to go for a brisk walk at least three times a week. Exercising also helps to keep your mouth dry so that you don’t cough.


Consume foods that help your immune system work effectively. Drinking cold liquids will help you to keep coughing quiet. Eating cold foods helps to ease the pain of a cold. Eating a good variety of food will help to ease the pain of a cough. A good example of a good variety of food is the chicken breast. If you have a cough, try putting it in your mouth and let the chicken breast slide into your mouth with ease. This will aid the release of mucus from the chicken breast into the throat. Eating foods that help your digestion will also help you sleep better with a cough.

Avoid taking drugs

For patients experiencing a cold, most often a strong cough is the only reason for taking a medicine for it.

It is also very important to avoid drugs that may worsen a cold. Most commonly used are asthma inhalers. These medicines can cause vomiting and dizziness. In addition, they can lead to other side effects and can even have severe side effects. Avoid taking them at night.

Advice for Sleeping with a Cough

Advice for Sleeping with a Cough


Drinking water at night with a pinch of salt will help relieve the feeling of a cold. It also helps reduce the pressure that your throat can feel.

A hot drink

To increase the sensation of a cold, make tea at least once a day. The flavor of tea helps to create an even sensation of the cold. Hot or herbal teas are also helpful to ease a cough.

Chewberry powder

Chewing on chewberries during a coughing spell will increase the intensity of the cold.

Tea leaves

Drink several cups of tea. When you are sleepy, swallow the tea leaves to make it feel more intense. This also will help to increase the pressure in the throat.

Take an over-the-counter pain medicine

Some medicines contain aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. They may help to relieve your cough in a short period of time.

Talk with your doctor to determine if an over-the-counter medication is right for you.

Take antibiotics if you are on antibiotics

Antibiotics cause bleeding in the nostrils which makes it harder to breathe. To prevent this bleeding, take antibiotics after a cold and in case of fever, also.

Get a CT scan if you have a cold

CT scanning may help find any obstruction of the airway. It can also give doctors a better idea of where the source of the infection is.

Make sure you are well hydrated before going to bed

Drink large amounts of water. Make sure you are well hydrated to ensure you will fall asleep.

Take a cold and cough medicine within an hour of waking up: This way, if your cold is getting worse, you will be able to relieve it.

Tips for Sleeping With a Cough

Taking a warm bath

Another natural remedy is to take a warm bath to help you sleep better. The water helps to lubricate the throat and throat area.

Wearing earplugs

These are used to block out loud noises and keep you dry and safe from the coughing. It is also very beneficial to take them when you are sleeping.

Taking warm beverages

If you are worried about your cough and feel you might choke, you might take the cold or a cough medicine within an hour of waking up. Warm liquids are also very effective.

Drink plenty of salt

The salt in this liquid helps your immune system to get a stronger response.

TIP: The amount of liquid that you take in a night is important. If you take too much, it will be difficult to fall asleep with a cough. Also, avoid taking too much.

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