Things To Do For A Good Sleep

Things To Do For A Good Sleep

Sleeping with your legs elevated helps improve blood flow and is also beneficial in curbing inflammation and swelling. You will have better blood circulation if you sleep with your legs up.

Get a regular stretch routine

Stretch yourself by getting some short daily stretches and then take them off for a few hours each day. Then stretch again! If you get the occasional day when you feel tired and you don’t know what to do, you need to go into your own room and take a walk. You may have a better night’s sleep if you do this. I know it makes the doctor laugh because he’ll say “You’re doing it wrong” but what I’m saying is it will make you feel better.

The second thing you need to do is get some exercise! If you are tired and your feet don’t feel like they are pushing or pulling your weight and you are tired from a day of not working out, try walking for 30 minutes each day. If you have not walked for a while, you may need a little more and then you’ll have some recovery work to do.

If you do not need to do much of anything in your daily routine, but you are thinking of getting out of the house, here are a few exercises that you can try:


Get a set of weights, either in the gym or on the elliptical. It is much better to be healthy and strong than to be a big weak fat kid. You will feel better, and it will help you look better. It also helps get out of the house.


Try to hold it for 30 seconds. If you cannot reach it without wobbling, then you need to stretch your ankles out. Lying on your side, arms folded.

Jumping rope

Start at the starting position with your legs up. Your arms should be straight, not bent. Try to push yourself up. It will feel good.

Standing on a balance board

I do this two or three times a week. I have an old chair in my yard so it is very easy to balance on it.


Do lots of walking and running on a treadmill. Do push ups, sit ups and dips.

Standing and sitting in a chair

Jumping rope

I do it a lot more in the summer when my legs are warm and my body is full of steam.

Do yoga

I do this at least twice a week and make sure I do something else too.

Here are some exercises to help keep your back healthy

Neck work

Stretch the neck and neck muscles by getting in the exercise positions and then doing a few sets of each one. Some neck stretches include sitting on a chair with your legs in front of you. Keep the muscles relaxed. You may do them for 15 minutes at a time.

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