What is Qigong Meditation – How is it Done?

What is Qigong Meditation

What is qigong meditation – how is it done? Qigong meditation is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique. Meaning the master of one’s energy, qigong combines meditation, controlled breathing and gentle movement to help promote mental, physical and spiritual health.

How to do qigong meditation?

Qigong requires regular practice and is best performed by a trained practitioner. The practice involves breathing with full control and avoiding slumps, especially when relaxing. This also involves taking a slow, measured breath and keeping it for 30 seconds. You might want to focus on the first three breaths which are the most crucial. Breathing at the right rate, and without slumps, can produce a deep relaxation.

You might also wish to focus on the feeling in the back of your neck as you breathe. This helps to regulate your breath, especially when exercising. Another advantage is that a controlled breathing technique produces a deep relaxation which can help with many aspects of the mind and body, such as mood, memory and sleep.

Qigong meditation can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. You can:

Increase energy

  • You can make your muscles relax by concentrating.

Relax eyes

  • You can use the eyes to focus and avoid slumps.

Release emotions

  • As you relax, you can release your emotional turmoil.

Strengthen body

  • While relaxed, you can strengthen your muscles.

Remove Bad Habits

You can use the relaxation to improve your lifestyle. For example, as you relax, take a walk, or make the conscious decision to change how you spend your time. There are a number of types of qigong and this site includes a complete overview of each and all of them. This is important as it helps you choose the best qigong for you based on your needs and fitness goals.

What do I need?

You need:

Your body

  • This is the most important step! I suggest a well-balanced, healthily fit body, with adequate amount of body fat. If you’ve been struggling with a bad diet you might need to reduce your carbohydrate intake. There will also be a link to some of the best exercises to improve body weight and health.

You need:

A qigong practice

  • Qigong is a relatively new practice, and it will be a few months before you can be confident enough to start your own meditation session. We do have a full qigong program on the site and if you are keen to try one then please email us.

If you aren’t familiar with qigong meditation then I strongly recommend this practice as it is incredibly therapeutic and it is extremely useful for both individuals and as part of your fitness programme.

Some of the more popular ones include:

Relaxing with qigong

  • A fantastic series of videos by Professor Robert Strippen who has studied, taught and worked with both Chinese and Western qigong practitioners and offers his perspective on the practice.

Rigid Exercise

  • One of the most popular techniques in the qigong community, this is also a great way to relax!

Relaxation Techniques

  • Including deep breathing, body movements and a variety of other techniques, designed to improve your overall fitness and mental well-being.

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